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General Convention Deputies Visitations

Jul 24, 2018

Our deputation from the Diocese of Atlanta proudly represented our church family in Austin at General Convention. Now they would love to come and share with you their experiences and answer any questions you might have about our time there, legislation discussed, the peripheral and worship offerings at GC, or anything else that interests you. See the list below of deputies and their availability to visit your parish.

The Rev. Jeff Jackson
Most days except Fridays

Beth King
Most days and some Sundays

The Rev. Cynthia Park
Check for availability

Dcn. Arthur Villarreal
Most Saturdays and Sundays

Angela Williamson
Check for availability

John Andrews
Check for availability

The Very Rev. Sam Candler
Check for availability

The Rev. Mary Demmler
Most weeknights and some Sunday evenings

Bruce Garner
Most weeknights and no Sundays

The Rev. Dr. Sharon Hiers
Most days except Fridays