Ghana Companionship

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Sharing in God’s Work of Reconciliation

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The Anglican Diocese of Cape Coast in Ghana and the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta have been companions in ministry since 2017.


The Diocese of Atlanta entered into this relationship as part of a commitment to love like Jesus and seek healing from the harms of slavery and racism. The Diocese of Cape Coast entered into this relationship as part of a commitment to God’s mission and a strategic vision to grow the Diocese for mission and ministry.


Together, we share in God’s work of reconciliation through a relationship focused on: 

  • Prayer – Communicate regularly about how to pray for one another
  • Spiritual Growth – Share worship, learning, and parish-to-parish partnership
  • Racial Healing – Learn about the history of slavery and its ongoing effects
  • Education – Explore partnerships with schools or among young people
  • Formation – Train lay and clergy leaders for mission.
  • Financial Sustainability – Build resources for ongoing ministry
  • Pilgrimage – Visit with one another when it is possible to travel

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Part of our commitment to sharing and learning from one another includes keeping our communities informed of different happenings, conversations, events and more.

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Companionship | St. Margaret’s Carrolton and St. Teresa of Avila Cape Coast

October 21, 2021

In this first conversation of our congregations in companionship, The Rev. Jeff Jackson of St. Margaret’s Carrolton and The Rev. Domenick Eshun of St. Teresa of Avila Cape Coast share how it got started, how a pandemic has helped them work more intentionally together, and their hopes for the future.