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New Course for Seekers and New Christians

Sep 13, 2016

Pilgrim: A Course for the Christian Journey approaches the great issues of faith not through persuasion but participation in a pattern of contemplation and discussion.

Pilgrim is designed to help your church invite others to join the people of God on our great journey of faith. Its purpose is to help you to draw together a small group of people who are inquiring about Christian faith or are new to faith and to help them learn about the faith together.

The Structure of Pilgrim
Pilgrim takes its starting point at Jesus’ summary of the commandments. We are called to offer our lives to God through loving God with all our mind, soul, strength, and heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Learning about Christian faith and growing in Christian faith is about more than what we believe. It’s also about the ways in which we pray and develop our relationship with God, about the way we live our lives, and about living in God’s vision for the Church and for the world.

There are two stages of material in Pilgrim. There are four short Pilgrim course books (each comprising a course of six or seven sessions) in the Follow Stage. This stage is designed for those who are inquirers and very new to the faith. Titles include: Turning to Christ, The Lord’s Prayer, The Commandments, The Beatitudes. Each costs $9.95.

Then there are four short Pilgrim books (each comprising a six-session course) in the Grow Stage. This stage designed for those who want to go further and learn more. Titles include: The Creeds, The Eucharist, The Bible, Church & Kingdom. Each costs $9.95.    

The Leader’s Guide is for clergy and church leaders who are thinking about introducing Pilgrim into the life of their church and is also a short handbook for those who will lead the groups. There is a single Leader’s Guide that is used with all eight Pilgrim course books. The cost is $12.95.

Sharon Ely Pearson, Christian educator in the Episcopal Church
Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford
Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield
Paula Gooder, leading New Testament writer and lecturer
Robert Atwell, Bishop of Stockport

For sample copies, please contact Bob Todd at

Pilgrim resources can be ordered through Cokesbury at 800.672.1789 or at, through your local Episcopal Bookstore, or wherever Christian products are sold.