May 20, 2016

We hear or read “Breaking News” regularly. Usually those words are followed by details of tragedy, scandal or the inelegant words of a public figure. Here’s some real breaking news: “While we were without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” The love of God is not a prize for the perfect! The nearness of God is not dependent on my spiritual savvy. Our moral and ethical weaknesses cannot block God’s outreach to us. Accepted just as we are by God, compassion received compels us to accept others as they are. No reason to hate myself or anybody else.



A diario nosotros escuchamos o leemos “Noticias de Última Hora.” Usualmente esas palabras traen detalles de tragedia, escándalo, o de las palabras poco elegantes de una figura pública. Las siguientes, son verdaderas noticias de última hora: “Mientras estábamos sin fuerza, en su tiempo, Jesús murió por los impíos.” ¡El amor de Dios no es un premio para los perfectos! La cercanía de Dios no depende de mis conocimientos espirituales. Nuestras debilidades morales y éticas no pueden bloquear el acercamiento de Dios hacia nosotros.