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Feb 26, 2016

To feel tremendously grateful for something warms us up and humanizes us. We’re grateful for our families and friends; for being cared for when perhaps we don’t feel we deserve to be; and for all the goodness God has provided.  It’s the goodness that prevails despite perceived  faults and blemishes. Gratitude fills our hearts with love and inspires us to share God’s goodness by connecting with our friends, families and neighbors. We can  help foster the same warm feeling of positivity in them.

Gratitude also enables us to be present in the reality of our existence. But with the increasing velocity of our busy lives we have to ask ourselves, “Are we setting aside the necessary time to reflect on all we have to be grateful for?” When we’re racing from screen to screen and conversation to conversation, it can be difficult to truly appreciate all the good we’ve been blessed with.

Perhaps you have set the intention to “do without” this Lent – giving up things like television, chocolate or meat in order to grow closer to God. This week, we ask that you challenge yourself to reflect on those things for which you’re most grateful for as well.

Start by asking yourself:

  • What am I grateful for? Am I able to mindfully reflect on all the things in my life I am grateful for?
  • What distracts me from carving out a time and place for reflection? Is it television? My  smart phone? Social media? Is it work tasks that can indeed wait for tomorrow?
  • How do I express my gratitude for all God has provided?
  • How do I share my gratitude with friends, family, and neighbors? What steps can I take in order to connect with even more members of my community to express my gratitude?

Choosing to embark on this Lenten journey is a wonderful expression of our gratitude for all the goodness God has provided. Gratitude accesses the best in us. Being grateful helps our love bloom and spread. When we realize how much we’ve been given, the best generosity gets born in us.