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Feb 22, 2016

Love is many things. It’s patience. It’s accepting that we are one human family, one where each member has dignity and worth. It’s standing alongside one another in that spirit of fellowship and drawing the circle of our hearts wider.

While it’s important to say the words, “I love you,” it’s even more critical to live the words and put them into action. This Lent, reflect on the the ways your love manifests itself into the world at present. It could be as simple as taking the time to sit down as a family to share a meal each evening, or inviting a loved one on a weekend hike to discuss what it means to love like Jesus.

Loving like Jesus doesn’t come easy for us. It’s a challenge, and yet it is our life’s work — it’s a labor of love and joy for us who are following Jesus. This Lenten journey offers us the opportunity to reflect on how we love like Jesus at present, but also how we don’t. For some, this may be the time where we draw the circle of our hearts even wider through reconciliation.  

Start by asking yourself:

  • Who do you struggle to love? Is there someone who you once held close to your heart, and now hold a grudge against? How will you look beyond what happened in the past to show them once again, that you love them?
  • Is there a group of people you really struggle to love? How will you let this group of people into the circle of your ever-widening heart?
  • Are you drawing the circle of your heart and affection wider? Are you making an effort to connect with your loved ones, your neighbors, and those you may cross paths with during this Lenten journey? How can you love like Jesus?

Jesus acted out of the bigness of his heart, as the grace of God poured into and through Him, and so must we. This Lent, challenge yourself to reach out to someone you struggle to love; and as Jesus would, show your love for them, regardless of your differences, past transgressions, or what their response may be.

When you intentionally reach across divisions and beyond long-standing grudges, you’ll expand your heart on to the other person. We invite you to join in the conversation as we set out to challenge not just ourselves, but the world, to #GrowForLent and #LoveLikeJesusEDA.