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“We”– An invitation to reflect from Bishop Rob Wright

Nov 10, 2016

“We” – as in the first word of our Diocesan Purpose statement:  “We challenge ourselves and the world to love like Jesus as we worship joyfully, serve compassionately, and grow spiritually.”

“We” encompasses our parishes and worshipping communities, our diocese, our communities, our country and “we” as individuals.  

It seems hollow to me to “challenge the world…” without first accepting that challenge as individuals. I invite you to reflect on our Purpose Statement and ask yourself:

How can I use my time, talent and resources to meet the challenge?
What do I need to give up or take up to support our purpose?
How can “my story” help others see possibilities?
How can I as an individual make a difference?

I invite you to ponder these “me” questions and then ask these “we” questions:

Where is there a gap between what we believe about Christian community and how we actually practice Christian community with others?

Where is there a need that can be addressed by the collective “we?”

How can “we” as Episcopalians in middle and north Georgia continue to make a difference?


Bishop Robert C. Wright
Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


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