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For People with Bishop Rob Wright | Special Guest Ga State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver

May 7, 2021

Public Service with Special Guest Ga State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver

What does faith look like for a person working in politics? And what about tough issues that divide people?

In this episode, Bishop Wright and Ga State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver discuss these very questions and other relevant topics. It is a tall order in doing the tough work of reaching across the aisle to those we disagree with while remaining faithful to the higher call in serving the one we call Jesus. Listen in for the full conversation.

Mary Margaret Oliver is a parishioner at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Atlanta. She is a lifelong resident of District 82 in DeKalb County and has served in the Georgia General Assembly in both the House of Representatives (1987-1992) and 2002 – present, and the Senate (1993 -1998). Her past legislative accomplishments have included authoring and passing significant legislation for the protection of children and consumers, including Georgia’s anti-stalking law, along with legislation to protect neighborhood activists from intimidation. Prior to her elections, she practiced law, was an administrative law judge and an Associate Magistrate Judge.

Listen in to hear more.

Before listening, read Bishop Rob Wright’s For Faith.