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For People Welcomes The Rev. Greg Warren

For People Welcomes The Rev. Greg Warren

In this episode, Bishop Wright has a conversation with The Rev. Greg Warren, Interim Executive Director of The Center for Racial Healing. They discuss Greg’s purpose for stepping into his new call, new partnerships, and the work ahead.

For People Welcomes Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright

For People Welcomes Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright

In this episode, Bishop Wright is joined by special guest Dr. Beth-Sarah Wright, author and speaker. Beth-Sarah shares her powerful story of battling clinical depression, and how embracing our vulnerabilities can spark deep healing and foster genuine community.

For People Welcomes Jeffrey Small, CEO & Co-Founder of MDH Partners

Bishop Wright and Jeff discuss the relationship between wealth, faith, and the immense power of partnership in addressing societal issues. Jeff also brings to light the impact of socially responsible investing by sharing the history of the 1980s divestment movement, which initiated a pivotal shift in the perspective of investment returns.

For People Welcomes Bishop Bob Fitzpatrick

Bishop Wright and Bishop Bob Fitzpatrick discuss leadership in the face of adversity, scripture that equips us during times of sorrow, and the outpouring of love in the form of resources and letters from the mainland in the wake of the fire. God is with us in the grief!

For People Welcomes Bishop Frank Logue

Bishop Wright had a conversation with Bishop Frank Logue, Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of Georgia about life, as we see it, not being about measuring up, but realizing as Christians Jesus has assured us we are enough and our call is to use our faith for God’s goodness.

For People Welcomes Luke Netto

When we step back from the notion that God only works through big miracles, we experience God’s Kingdom through the smallest acts of faith. Through kindness to a stranger. Through serving alongside neighbor.

For People Welcomes Canon Sally Ulrey

In this episode, Melissa and Sally have a conversation about God’s word, what God’s word teaches us about the power of our own words, and how we use our words to bring the kingdom a bit closer to earth. Listen in for the full conversation.