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Lay Ministers to Hold Key Pastoral Roles

Lay Ministers to Hold Key Pastoral Roles

On January 27, 2024, Diocesan Bishop Rob Wright commissioned 17 lay ministers from 14 parishes. The Episcopal Church in its Constitution and Canons provides for licensing lay people in a process similar to that for ordained ministry.

A Look Back at 2023

2023 was a year of challenges. But the year also brought out the best in the people of The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. Here is a sampling of stories from the Diocese.

New Life

The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta is experiencing new life through new ministries, confirmations, and ordination.

‘New’ Tradition Spreads Throughout Diocese

‘New’ Tradition Spreads Throughout Diocese

Christ Church in Norcross also celebrated Our Lady of Guadalupe with a bilingual service with Mariachis. Rev. Guerra, who pastors the Hispanic congregations at St. Bede’s and Christ Church, said Our Lady of Guadalupe is a symbol of religion and national pride to the people of Mexico.

The 117th Annual Council Recap

Three years after the COVID-19 outbreak disrupted everyone’s  life the people of The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta have emerged stronger, more adaptive, and more able to confront epic changes brought by the pandemic.

Ministry Innovations Taskforce to End After 10 Years

After more than a decade of envisioning, supporting, and seeding innovative ministries, The Diocese of Atlanta’s Ministry Innovations Taskforce will be ending its work. An official announcement of the change is expected during The Diocese’s 117th Annual Council which convenes Nov. 10-11, 2023, at The Cathedral of St. Philip.