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Diocese Donates Technology to African Diocese of Cape Coast

Feb 16, 2024

The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta gifted equipment to provide for the first electronic communications by its partner diocese.

Canon for Digital Evangelism Easton Davis said “Digital evangelism is one of the most important ways we can reach seekers.”

“Digital presence is only expanding. Investing in the communications effort of our companion diocese of Cape Coast helps them bring the Good News to new places, and we thank God for that,” Davis said.

The gift resulted from a conversation between Bishop Rob Wright and his counterpart during an April 2023 pilgrimage to The Diocese of Cape Coast by 15 members of the Atlanta diocese.

In a discussion with Bishop Wright, Rt. Rev. Victor R. Atta-Baffoe, Bishop of The Diocese of Cape Coast, said his dioceses needed to begin digital evangelization since the digital platform is rapidly spreading its scope to every part of human existence.

Atta-Baffoe said that for the partnership between the two Dioceses to be fully realized, both must stream diocesan events online to learn about one other’s cultures. Bishop Victor asked that The Atlanta Diocese provide the technology needed for this to become a reality.

Bishop Wright said the technology will benefit both dioceses.

“During our last pilgrimage to Ghana through conversations with our Cape Coast siblings, I saw an opportunity for our communications department to collaborate. This is just one more example of our shared work together,” Wright said.

Since 2017, The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta and the Anglican Archdiocese of Cape Coast have maintained a cooperative relationship.

During the trip – restarting annual pilgrimages that had been paused during the COVID-19 pandemic – Bishop Wright and Bishop Atta-Baffoe signed an official memorandum of understanding committing each diocese “To empower our Christian ministries through prayer for and learning from each other. To exchange clergy and other lay professionals for our mutual benefit. To support each other with material resources. To respect each other’s diversity in culture, context, and theological understandings. [and] To encourage the development of mutual understanding between our two Dioceses.”

Wright said the MOU signifies the maturing of the relationship that began in 2016. Since then, Wright has twice invited Bishop Atta-Baffoe to visit Atlanta. In 2017 Atta-Baffoe was part of the dedication of the Absalom Jones Episcopal Center for Racial Healing in Atlanta and in 2019, he addressed The Diocese of Atlanta’s Annual Council.

The Cape Coast diocese featured the gift in its February 2024 newsletter

“Today, this dream had been materialized as The Diocese of Cape Coast receives technological devices from The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta. In his heartfelt remarks to The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, Bishop Victor said that the gadgets had arrived at a propitious moment, because his Diocese is gearing up for a Diocesan Crusade to share the Good News of the Resurrected Christ with the world.

As a result of the gift The Diocese of Cape Coast events will be streamed live online via these devices. He committed to using the gadgets effectively for the reason they were brought.”

Learn more about the partnership between The Dioceses of Atlanta and Cape Coast.

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