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2023 Annual Council Resolutions

C23-1 Resolution to Amend the Constitution of the Diocese



RESOLVED that the following shall be adopted as Article 2 Section 6 of the Constitution of the Diocese of Atlanta:


  1. Response to Emergencies:  During Emergencies, as defined in this Article, the Executive Committee of the Diocese may authorize the Bishop or other Diocesan Authority, in the discretion of the Bishop or other Diocesan Authority, to do any of the following:

(a)        Conduct the Annual Meeting of the Council of the Diocese virtually (i.e., by electronic means), rather than by having an in person meeting in one physical location.

(b)       Alter the agenda of the Annual Council to be limited to essential business or otherwise be streamlined to fit the circumstances.

(c)        Postpone the Annual Meeting by as much as six months from the time originally set by the preceding Annual Council.

(d)       Postpone for up to 18 months an election for Bishop.

“Emergencies” are extraordinary situations where the ordinary conduct of business is threatened, rendered impractical, or there is a significant threat to the health or safety of potential Council attendees due to epidemics, natural disasters and storms, violent civil unrest, terrorism, war, threats or violence directed at the Council, the Diocese or the Church, or other abnormal events that threaten public safety or the safety of potential Council attendees.  The mere saving of expenses shall not normally be considered an Emergency for purposes of this provision.

In non-emergency situations, Annual Council shall be a meeting at a single site with all delegates required to be physically present in order to be counted towards a quorum or to have a right to participate.



The Coronavirus crisis has made clear that emergencies can interfere with the conduct of a traditional, in person annual council.  This addition to the Constitution, if adopted, will address this situation, spelling out the authority to deal with such emergencies in a way that protects the health and safety of the delegates and others, while carrying on the business of the Diocese.   The proposed Constitutional Amendment is offered in order to remove any basis for controversy or doubt, and the proposal or adoption of the resolution should not be construed as an indication that the Bishop or the Executive Committee lacked such authority previously or that any past actions regarding its subject matter were improper.

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