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2022 Annual Council Resolutions

C22-1 Resolution To Amend Constitution For Emergency Actions

Resolved, that the following shall be adopted as Article 2 Section 6 of the Constitution of the Diocese of Atlanta:


  1. Response to Emergencies:  During Emergencies, as defined in this Article, the Executive Committee of the Diocese may authorize the Bishop or other Diocesan Authority, in the discretion of the Bishop or other Diocesan Authority, to do any of the following:

(a) Conduct the Annual Meeting of the Council of the Diocese virtually (i.e., by electronic means), rather than by having an in person meeting in one physical location.

(b) Alter the agenda of the Annual Council to be limited to essential business or otherwise be streamlined to fit the circumstances.

(c) Postpone the Annual Meeting by as much as six months from the time originally set by the preceding Annual Council.

(d) Postpone for up to 18 months an election for Bishop.

“Emergencies” are extraordinary situations where the ordinary conduct of business is threatened, rendered impractical, or there is a significant threat to the health or safety of potential Council attendees due to epidemics, natural disasters and storms, violent civil unrest, terrorism, war, threats or violence directed at the Council, the Diocese or the Church, or other abnormal events that threaten public safety or the safety of potential Council attendees.  The mere saving of expenses shall not normally be considered an Emergency for purposes of this provision.

In non-emergency situations, Annual Council shall be a meeting at a single site with all delegates required to be physically present in order to be counted towards a quorum or to have a right to participate.

C22-2 The Election of Deacons to Standing Committee

Resolved, that Section 1 of Canon 3 Of the Standing Committee be amended to read as follows:

Section 1. The Standing Committee shall be composed of six members, three from the priestly order clergy and three from the lay order. One clerical and one lay member shall be elected at each Annual Council for a term of three years. No member of the Standing Committee completing more than one half of a term shall be re-elected until after an interval of one year from completion of an elected term, except that a member elected to fill a vacancy and who has served less than one half of a term shall be eligible for election.

R22-1 Ratification of Actions of Council

Resolved, that this Annual Council hereby adopts and ratifies all actions of the Annual Council of the Diocese of Atlanta taken at its meetings by electronic means in 2020 and 2021.  And be it resolved that by taking this action, this Annual Council does not in any way suggest that the meetings of Annual Council in 2020 and 2021 or the actions taken there were improper in any way.

R22-2 Aspirations Toward Environmental Stewardship

Be it resolved that all new construction of Diocesan and Parish facilities shall, insofar as practicable, encourage improved environmental and health performance starting in 2025; and be it further

Resolved, that all new and renovated landscaping shall emphasize, insofar as practicable, native vegetation, non-invasive species, and low input (chemicals and water) plantings; and be it further

Resolved, that the Diocese shall support the establishment of a faith-based, sustainable development program designed to educate both international and local parish partners in environmental stewardship, best practices in asset-based community development (ABCD), and the importance of climate resilience; and be it further

Resolved, that all Diocesan facilities and associated parish programs shall refrain from single use products (such as non-recyclable plastic utensils, plastic straws, and Styrofoam products) whenever possible; and be it further

Resolved, that all parishes and diocesan facilities are encouraged to explore ways to work towards carbon neutrality.

R22-3 Continued Blessing Of Same Sex Marriages

Resolved, that the Diocese of Atlanta, meeting in Annual Council in Sandy Springs, Georgia, November 11 and 12, 2022, acknowledges the possibility that recent court decisions legalizing same sex marriage may be overturned. And be it further,

Resolved, that the Diocese of Atlanta will continue to follow the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church in providing marriage equality, in accordance with General Convention Resolution 2018-B012 and blessing to all couples, regardless of the sex of the persons involved, and regardless of the outcome of future court decisions. And be it further

Resolved, that the Diocese of Atlanta shall endeavor to provide for the pastoral needs of couples that may be impacted by court decisions that seek to negate or invalidate marriages based solely on the sex of the persons involved.



R22-5 Expanding Medicaid Eligibility

Resolved, the Diocese of Atlanta, meeting in Annual Council in Sandy Springs, Georgia, November 11 and 12, 2022, acknowledges that the vow we take at baptism to respect the dignity of every human being includes helping insure access to quality health care resources.  And be it further,

Resolved, that the Diocese of Atlanta urge the Governor and Legislature for the State of Georgia to expand the eligibility for Medicaid to the full extent provided by law.  And be it further

Resolved, that the Diocese of Atlanta will continue to urge the State of Georgia, through the Department of Public health, to work to improve the health outcomes for all of the citizens of Georgia. And be it further,

Resolved, that copies of this resolution will be sent by the Secretary of Annual Council to the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Georgia, as well as the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives and the Commissioner of Public Health for the State of Georgia.

R22-6 Establishing Compensation For Deacons

Resolved, that the 116th Annual Council of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta require each faith community with a deacon in active service, or if a deacon is serving more than one community, the communities together, pay said deacon a minimum of $25 a month as remuneration, and also make the required contribution to the Church Pension Fund for the benefit of the deacon.