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Youth and Young Adults

If you’re a young person in the diocese, we strive to support you and help you build your foundation of faith. Through our youth and young adult programming, take part in volunteer opportunities, workshops, and retreats. You’ll have the chance to grow your faith, build relationships, and have a meaningful impact on your community. The Diocese of Atlanta also offers opportunities for adults to support missions dedicated to serving youth.


Episcopal Youth Community

The Episcopal Youth Community (EYC) of the Diocese of Atlanta, also known as eycdioatl, is a vibrant group of youth spanning over 100 worshipping communities in 73 counties in middle and north Georgia. EYC comes together monthly for weekend retreats, lock-ins, and service work. All middle and high school youth are invited to be a part of this incredible community.

The Episcopal Youth Community of the Diocese of Atlanta, also known as eycdioatl, is a vibrant community of youth spanning 100 worshipping communities in Middle and North Georgia. Our purpose is to form disciples by sharing the unconditional love and inclusivity of Jesus Christ. We fulfill our purpose through worship, service, and spiritual formation at diocesan youth events. We invite all middle and high school youth to be a part of this inclusive community. Together, we will strive to let the world know we love like Jesus.

Want to know more? We can’t wait to have you become a part of this inclusive community. We are Episcopal Youth Community of Middle and North Georgia and we already love you.

Camp Mikell

Camp Mikell’s ministry is to provide an inclusive environment for a faith-based summer camp for children and youth, an outdoor education center and a conference center for groups and retreats of all types. In a beautiful and natural setting, we at Camp Mikell strive to be a home away from home that will exceed our guests’ expectations.

Learn More: Mikell Camp & Conference Center.

Young Adult

Transitioning into college can be hard – really hard. We support all of our young adults whether they go to college or pursue other paths. We believe giving every young adult the best opportunity to stay connected during this life transition. Complete A Bridge from Congregation to College and let us know where you are headed off to school.

Campus Ministries

Click here to learn more about our campus ministries.