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The Episcopal Church of The Ascension Celebrates 175 Years

Jul 31, 2019

The Episcopal Church of the Ascension celebrated their 175th year anniversary kick-off last week by hosting a celebratory reception with mayoral proclamation on Thursday.

Mayor Matt Santini was present to proclaim that on November 6, 1844, the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia chartered an Episcopal mission on the banks of the Etowah river west of Cartersville; and was consecrated in the community on June 22, 1845. He further proclaimed that on that the current campus of the Episcopal Church (moved to its location on the corner of Bartow Street and Cherokee Avenue in the Spring of 1874), which is also know in the community as “the church with the red doors”, is a historical community treasure. The proclamation reads, “I, Matthew J. Santini, Major of the City of Cartersville, Georgia, do hereby proclaim, Ascension Day, Thursday, May 30, 2019 A.D., as a day of celebration in honor of the Episcopal Church of the Ascension 175th Anniversary and call upon the people of Cartersville to join in recognizing and participating in the special observance.”

Parish members, local clergy and Bartow County officials were present for the celebration, which was held at the historic home of one of the founding members of the church; the Stiles-Knight family.

The church will continue a year of celebration in honor of their rich history and place in the community of Cartersville.