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Church of the Common Ground Summer Internship

Mar 20, 2019

Are you interested in exploring ministry? Do you wish to live out your discipleship on the street? Would you like a summer ‘job’ that is very different from ‘work’?

The Internship

  • Full-time, 10 weeks, $2000 Stipend

  • Work with a cohort of young adults (age 18-28)

  • Full participation in the ministries of the church

  • Intentional immersion, supervision, discipleship, retreats

  • Flexible start, but required Leadership Retreat June 12-15, 2019 in New Orleans

  • This internship is funded in part by a grant from the Forum for Theological Exploration and intends to support discernment toward ministry for those who have not yet entered seminary.

Summer Schedule

  • Sunday 11am-3pm Worship and ministry

  • Monday 9am-3pm Morning Prayer, supervision, ministry

  • Tuesday 8am-2pm Common Soles Foot Clinic, debriefing

  • Wednesday 9am-4:30pm Morning prayer, cohort luncheon, Bible Study

  • Thursday/Friday 9am-3pm Alternating days for special ministries/events/formation


  • Depart Wednesday, noon.

  • Conference Thursday, noon, through Saturday, 1pm.

  • Return Saturday by 10pm

Please contact The Very Rev. Monica Mainwaring to express interest to make application at

Church of the Common Ground is a church without walls, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, communicating God’s love to all who are experiencing homelessness in downtown Atlanta: