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Recognizing Racial Reconciliation at the 79th General Convention

Jul 10, 2018

The 79th annual General Convention, held July 4-13, has been a venue for many conversations over the past week. Along with other topics, dioceses throughout the country have come to share words, wisdom, questions, and challenges facing their communities and Christians at large. Among them all, one message from the Diocese of Atlanta’s own Dr. Catherine Meeks rang loud and clear.

“We are saying, at the Absalom Jones Center, to racism, that your time is over,” Dr. Meeks told the audience in one of the TEConversations.

Dr. Meeks is the executive director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing. The faith-based organization invites people of all walks in life and religion to come and learn with the curriculum, activities, and deep conversations to uncover and work through their prejudices. The Absalom Jones Center works to help open people’s minds and hearts as the ultimate means of helping to end systemic racism.

Dr. Meeks’s speech is about 10 minutes long and begins at 29 minutes 39 seconds. You can watch her and the full session in the video above or you can view here.

General Convention commits to racial reconciliation and becoming a ‘Beloved Community’

“Efforts that began in 2015 with action by General Convention, when racial reconciliation was identified as a priority of the Episcopal Church, is bearing fruit in work done during the 79th General Convention.”

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