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Caring For Children is Not Political

Jun 19, 2018

ATLANTA (June 19, 2018) – A Statement issued by The Right Reverend Robert C. Wright, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta:

It’s not being political to say America shouldn’t be in the business of breaking up families, it’s Christian. It’s not being political to say America shouldn’t be putting children in kennel style cages, it’s Christian.

It’s not political to say that causing children’s tears and mothers’ fear is not the best use of our nations might, it’s Christian. It’s not being political to remember that both Republican and Democratic Presidents previously chose not to separate families while enforcing immigration policy.

Not being political to remind the U.S. Attorney General that quoting the Book of Romans is fine but, “…as you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.” is probably a more apt guidance for this situation.

It’s not Liberal or Conservative to insist that we can have secure borders AND immigration policies that treat people with dignity, it’s being decent.

 Life with God is a covenant for individuals and nations, the Bible tells us. Faithfulness to God, especially in difficult hours, is the measure of faithfulness.

As an American, a veteran and someone trying to follow Jesus it breaks my heart to see so many cheer and jeer as economic and political refugees are treated like sub-humans.

It’s not being a political partisan to say that the abandonment of covenant with God leads to ruin. Inability to compassionately deal with the vulnerable is proof of inability to wield power.

“Pride goeth before a fall.”
–        Proverbs 16:18