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112th Annual Council | Bishop’s Cross Recipients

Nov 19, 2018

Select the cross to read about how recipients love like Jesus.

Eva Bird | Mid-Atlanta Convocation

At St. Paul’s, Atlanta, all agree that no one embodies Love like Jesus and Draw the Circle Wider more clearly than Eva. To engage in authentic ministry in the world, “Mama Eva” lives and builds her faith through a life of regular worship, vigorous Bible study, constant prayer, and communion with those inside and outside of the church. She has long been an activist in the struggle for racial justice and equality. She mentors elementary school girls who are socially and academically at risk and a significant number of young women in ministry throughout the world.

Diane Campbell | Southwest Atlanta Convocation

Diane is a long-time parishioner of St. Julian’s Episcopal Church, Douglasville and Director of Starting Over, a non-profit organization serving the Douglas County Community by providing volunteers who serve as supervisors during parent-child meetings. Due to a variety of circumstances, a judge has reviewed the home situation of the children and with the help of DFCS places them in foster care. These parents are allowed to visit their children only with an impartial supervisor present. Diane’s dedication to the children and parents experiencing separation demonstrates how we serve compassionately.

Kathy Malcolm Hall | Northeast Metro Convocation

A member of St. Patrick’s, Dunwoody, Kathy is the co-director of Malachi’s Storehouse. Her long and persistent service, advocacy and leadership has helped feed and restore dignity to thousands in Metro Atlanta. Her vision and tenacity aimed at the sustainability of this ministry ensures that it will continue to enrich the lives of many for years to come. Her twelve years of inspired service, advocacy and leadership demonstrate her embodiment of our Diocesan Purpose Statement.

Ginny Heckel | Georgia Mountains Convocation

A member of St. James Episcopal Church, Clayton, Ginny exemplifies what it means to Love like Jesus to give of one’s time, energy, and financial resources to the building up of God’s kingdom. Serving for many years on the board of The Episcopal Charities Foundation (now The Episcopal Community Foundation of Middle and North Georgia), Ginny traveled all over the diocese where she forged new relationships and strengthened existing relationships among brothers and sisters around the diocese.

Horace Higgins | Marietta Convocation

A member of Church of the Annunciation, Marietta, Horace truly Loves like Jesus. Although not ordained, he is a deacon true and true. He is constantly volunteering for outreach projects in the community – Emmaus House, Church of the Common Ground, the Men’s extension in Marietta, Papa’s Pantry in Woodstock, and Must Ministries both in Cobb and Woodstock. He takes donations he receives and goes into the woods where he knows homeless people live and even gave the jacket off his back to a homeless person who was cold.

Peggy Nash | Northwest Georgia Convocation

Peggy, a member of St. Peter’s, Rome, is a role model to all ages for Serving Compassionately. She has chaired our Mission & Outreach Committee for many years, raising our personal and corporate awareness of community needs and helping us to engage with and support agencies who do meaningful hands on ministry in our community and beyond.

Luis A. Ottley | North Atlanta Convocation

In just one year, Luis, Head of School at St. Martin’s Episcopal School, initiated an exchange program with a school in Panama to help increase students’ cultural competency; chartered a multi-cultural education committee; hired a full time diversity director; and has poured countless dollars into staff training around cultural competency, diversity, and privilege. His life’s work is to make the kingdom of God manifest and that means creating an environment where all God’s people belong. He exemplifies what it means to challenge
ourselves and the world.

Agnes Parker | Oconee Convocation

Agnes is a long -time member of Emmanuel, Athens and widow of the Rev. Nathaniel Parker Jr. who served at Emmanuel, The Episcopal Center at UGA, and at Grace, Gainesville. Agnes founded the Creation Spirituality group at Emmanuel and has been a spiritual mentor for the community of Athens for decades. Many people have grown spiritually under Agnes’ leadership and guidance.

The Rev. Joseph Shippen | Middle Georgia Convocation

Joseph lives out our Diocesan Purpose Statement through his long-term commitment to ministering to death row inmates and their families as well as prison staff. He is a consistent presence at the prison, has a
monthly Eucharist on death row, and ministers to those who hold vigil at executions by his presence and leading of prayers. His ministry to prisoners challenges those of us who come in contact with him to join him in this ministry and to keep prisoners and their families in our prayers.

The Rev. Fabio Sotelo | East Atlanta Convocation

With a pastor’s heart and a prophet’s voice, Fabio stands at the threshold of the Church inviting and welcoming all while exhorting the world to embrace the Good News of God in Christ. He pastors with a true servant-leader’s heart at St. Bede’s and St. Edward’s in English and in Spanish. He washes feet in shopping centers and presides at Eucharists at immigration centers; he marches for justice in the streets; and he gathers people around table for magnificent meal fellowships that build bridges and offer healing and reconciliation to the world. Fabio serves compassionately and creates a joyful worship experience for those entering the Church.

The Rev. Deacon Jane Dorman | Chattahoochee Valley Convocation

The Bishop’s Cross is awarded posthumously to Jane Dorman who served faithfully as Deacon at St. Mark’s in La Grange from 1998 until her death in 2018. Her tenacity and passion led her to secular work which
reflected her calling as a deacon. She served as para pro with special needs students in some of the most underserved schools in the county. At church, in addition to her meticulous keeping of the altar, she proclaimed the good news by speaking up for those who weren’t always heard. She did this with a strong, frustratingly persistent, persistently holy voice. Every week she reminded the people of St. Mark’s of their duty by inviting the children of the parish to gather with her at the back of the church and proclaim with a loud voice, “Go in Peace to Love and Serve the Lord.”