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A Pop-up Studio Practicing the Pastoral Arts

Feb 27, 2017

A Pop-up Studio Practicing the Pastoral Arts with the Reverend Ruth Pattison.

The “Pop-up Studio for Practicing the Pastoral Arts” is a mindful mixed media approach to doing, making, creating something with our spiritual lives. Engaging with art materials is a powerful, healing, freeing process, which helps us find answers and make discoveries.  In the studio, we can find the kingdom of God within, and our deepest selves will be revealed in the process. 

The Studio is located at:
Highpoint Episcopal Community Church
4945 High Point Road, Sandy Springs

Email for a complete schedule of March and the season of Lent.

Current topics:  Praying with children and finding God in every day life ~ Mary and the Divine Feminine ~ Grief and Los ~ Nature walk and Celtic Eucharist ~ a writer’s guild ~ Bible Study: an Eagle an Ox a Lion and a Man ~ The Artist’s Afternoon.