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Order of Saint Helena Retreat Schedule

Feb 22, 2017

Many of us recognize that daily life can easily shift from healthy fullness to overwhelming imbalance. Time and space for the Holy reinvigorate us all. We hope you can visit the convent, a place of peace.

Feeling isolated, exhausted, overwhelmed? Need spiritual companionship, rest, relief (and great food)? The Saint Helena sisters (Episcopal) are here to journey with you. In our recent survey, the number one retreat request was for a silent weekend with spiritual direction but no program. Accordingly, we invite you to consider the following retreats:

March 3-5: Silent Retreat Weekend
June 2-4: Silent Retreat Weekend
Oct 6-8: Silent Retreat Weekend
Dec 1-3: Silent Retreat Weekend

These retreats start on Friday evening at Vespers (5 pm) and end with Sunday lunch (1 pm). Silence begins after Compline on Friday and ends after Eucharist on Sunday. A spiritual direction session is included on Saturday. The cost is $160, all inclusive.

Please see to register.

You are also welcome to schedule a personal retreat at another time.