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Submit News, Events, or Job Postings


What is the deadline for submissions?

There is no need to submit by a specific deadline. Events and news will be posted to the website on an ongoing basis.

What information is required?

We recommend that you have all the news, events or job posting details for your submission before you begin filling out the form. Dates, time, location, publishable contact information and registration link (if applicable) are required fields and must be filled in order to be able to submit.

What type of supplementary information do you accept?

Perhaps you have images, a flyer, or a job description you would like to add as part of your submission. Here are some examples and instructions for each:

Images: Upload as a .jpeg / .png file.

Flyers: Attach as a .pdf /.doc /.docx /.jpeg /.png  file.

News Articles: Type directly into the text field.

Job Postings: In the in-form text box, please provide a job summary with contact information we can publish, application directions and a link to the full job description (if it is hosted on another website). You may also attach the full job description as a .doc /.docx / .pdf  file.<

Do I need to edit and/or proofread my own submission?

Articles that require extensive editing by our staff will experience a delay in posting to the website. Submissions that have been edited and proofread in advance, and which include all the necessary information, can be posted faster. So you expedite the process when you do a thorough proofread before submission.

How do I update or edit my submission?

To make an update or edit a previous submission, please contact us at


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at