The Logo of The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta - Purple Crest with Bishop's Mitre


Episcopal Church Women

All Episcopal women are members of the ECW by virtue of their membership in the Church. We are women of all ages, ethnic origins and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our common denominator is our love of God and the desire to do His work. Atlanta ECW.


PANDA, Parish Administrators/Secretaries Network, is a professional organization whose purpose is to assist its members, associated staff, and laity through spiritual support and growth, continued education, and communication by way of workshops, seminars, group meetings, and resources with God- centered intent and focus. The mission of PANDA is to provide assistance and support to its members in their everyday workplace, encouraging them in their vocation and service.

Vergers’ Guild

Vergers have long played an important role in worship in many Anglican and Episcopal churches. Verger comes from the word “verge,” a staff carried by the verger in church services. A verger provides support for all who participate in worship and ensures that the service runs smoothly. Some call vergers “the concierges of the church.” Learn more about the Diocese of Atlanta Mark Emory Graham Chapter and the national Vergers’ Guild of the Episcopal Church.