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Red Door Food Pantry Delivers One More Dinner TOGO

Mar 30, 2020

On the 10th day of #DinnerTOGO, Red Door Food Pantry had received a phone call at the church about a home bound cancer patient. A case manager from Alabama had been calling everywhere trying to get this elderly lady a meal since she was in dire straits.

“All of the 550 meals planned have been reserved for over a day and our delivery schedule full,” Jeff Tindall, Managing Director, said. “It had been a very busy day of all the things and after serving 834 meals, we realized that none were left. We paused for a moment — considering the hour, the kids, time together as a family, etc.”

Ultimately, there was no question. They took a to-go box and made this woman one last sandwich.

“I sometimes wonder how much of what we’re doing really matters, but there was no question here,” Tindall said. “This may be the 5,546th meal served, but this sister is not a number.”

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By Jeff Tindall
Managing Director, Red Door Food Pantry
March 26, 2020