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Our Racial Shadow, Our Racial Complex, and Our Spirit of the Times Online Lecture with Fanny Brewster, Ph.D.

Sep 11, 2020

As we survive through the pandemic of the Coronavirus, we encounter what C.G. Jung identified in The Red Book as a Spirit of the Times. Our own contemporary Spirit of the Times demands collective attention regarding deep questions concerning our rites of passage — especially mortality. With the unexpected passing of so many loved ones, how are we to hold such grief? Concurrently, in these times we once again have the eruption of cultural racial complexes that cause us to revisit collective trauma regarding the grief and pain of racism in America. We stand on the precipice of examining our American psyche and expressing doubt for what we have held dear as human beings, citizens and travelers of psychology — spirit and Soul.

The Spirit of the Depths insists that we move further inward and down to explore more of the archetypal and unconscious challenges that keep returning us to the threshold of the unconscious. Our discussion of the collective American racial shadow, racial complexes and cultural healing, allows for travel to a deeper place that invites journeying with Psyche.

Fanny Brewster, Ph.D.

Fanny Brewster is a Jungian analyst and Professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the Integrative Therapy and Healing Practices Department. She is the author of African Americans and Jungian Psychology: Leaving the Shadows, Archetypal Grief: Slavery’s Legacy of Intergenerational Child Loss, and The Racial Complex: A Jungian Perspective on Culture and Race. Dr. Brewster is an international lecturer and workshop presenter on Jungian related topics, African American Culture and Creativity. She is a faculty member at the New York C.G. Jung Foundation and is a member analyst with the Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts.

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Information about this event was provided by the C.G. Jung Society of Atlanta a non-profit organization that serves to provide a place of community for those of us drawn to the ideas of Carl Jung.