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Introducing New Center for Racial Healing Board Member The Rev. Matt Heyd

Apr 29, 2022

The Absalom Jones for Racial Healing Executive Director Catherine Meeks met with The Rev. Matt Heyd, Rector of Church of the Heavenly Rest NYC, to introduce Matt as the newest board member. They discuss the board, plans to nationalize it, and what they are excited about for the future of their partnership.

“Life in the last couple of years has been so distracting. It’s important to keep sharing the story of why the work of racial healing is important and why this work is central to our faith and the life of the parish.”, said Matt in response to Dr. Meeks’s question on what are the challenges of doing the work of racial healing.

‘I have to say that Heavenly rest is modeling how you take up the work of racial healing, and I am grateful for real partnership.“, said Dr. Meeks of her excitement for Matt joining the board.