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For People with Bishop Rob Wright | Special Guest Rev. Natosha Reid Rice

Aug 27, 2021

Stories of Belonging with The Rev. Natosha Reid Rice

In this special guest episode of For People, Bishop Wright is joined by The Rev. Natosha Reid Rice. They talk about their journeys to belonging and self-love; both bi-racial, black in America, and abandoned by their mothers. They share their stories of trauma, forgiveness, healing, and love. It is a beautiful thing when brokenness becomes ministry.

The Rev. Natosha Reid Rice is a mother, a wife, an ordained minister, inspirational speaker, life coach, and attorney. She serves as the Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer of Habitat for Humanity. In addition, Natosha also serves as the Minister of Public Life at All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

Natosha is passionate about providing a voice to the voiceless and opportunities to historically disadvantaged communities. She is a frequent speaker and facilitator for community/civic organizations, churches, colleges, and corporate events on the intersection of faith and justice, race and gender justice, leadership development, and community empowerment. She has been actively involved in efforts to pass legislation and policy to protect victims of human sex trafficking in Georgia and provide a fair workplace for women.