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For People with Bishop Rob Wright | Special Guest Bishop Brian Prior

Jun 12, 2020

The Politics of Jesus with Special Guest Bishop Brian Prior

Hi listeners,

You’ll notice some changes to For People in this episode. Matt has accepted a call to serve as the Director of Youth Ministry and Programming for the Diocese of Southwest Florida. We are thankful for Matt and everything he did to get us off the ground.

This is Melissa Rau’s first episode, the new host of For People. Melissa is from the Diocese of Pennsylvania and currently works with ECF as the Director for Partnership and New Initiatives.

In this episode, Melissa and Bishop Wright sit down with Bishop Brian Prior, the 9th Bishop of The Episcopal Church in Minnesota, to talk about the recent events in Minneapolis, Jesus, and his politics. Jesus was often political yet he is non-partisan. Jesus stands with those marginalized. Jesus chooses love – always love.

What we see going on in the US right now points to change needed in the current systems. It points to the privilege of some, racism of others, and the inequity of people of color. It shows that now more than ever the church must remember she has a voice, and she must use that voice to proclaim the love of Jesus in a political way that he rejoices in.

Listen in to hear more.

Before listening, read Bishop Rob Wright’s For Faith.