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For People: A Conversation with Salvation South Founder Chuck Reese

Aug 19, 2022

To be southern is to love the south. The good and bad. All that she is. Chuck Reece LOVES the South which is why he and his wife created Salvation South. But he didn’t always. Before Salvation South, Chuck founded The Bitter Southerner. No longer bitter, he wanted to show the world the gentler and hopeful South that he experiences.

In this episode, Bishop Wright has a conversation with Chuck Reece about the South, her stories of diversity, her goodness, and one of her greatest creations – gumbo. A dish that came together because of the influences of immigrants in the south. A dish that displays diversity both in history and flavor. Listen in for the full conversation.


A word from Chuck about Salvation South.

My name is Chuck Reece. You might remember me as the founding editor-in-chief of a publication called The Bitter Southerner. But I’m not bitter anymore.What I am is hopeful. Some might say to be hopeful is to be nuts, in these times when it seems everybody has picked one side or another, locked themselves in, and just want to yell at each other. But I know a lot of people who would rather do something different: They want to talk. And these people — the ones who want to have conversations that might bring a little more peace into this world — need a place of their own.

My talented wife Stacy and I created Salvation South for that kind of people.

Salvation South is inspired by hope and healing and — most importantly — the desire to create a place on the web and a community of people where civil conversation can happen. Read Salvation South.