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Some 120 Say ‘Yes’ at Confirmation

Jun 4, 2024

Almost 500 worshipers filled The Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta’s Buckhead community June 2, 2024, as some 120 people were confirmed, received or renewed their confirmation vows.

Twenty-six parishes from throughout the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta’s 120 worshiping communities in 75 1/2 counties in middle and north Georgia contributed new, received, and reaffirmed members, said Canon for Congregational Vitality and Ministry Development Sally Ulrey.

“What’s holy in today is the yes’s that you and I will say, those being confirmed and reaffirmed and received, but also all of us who will say the baptismal covenant. What’s holy about that is that all of that meets those things, those parts of us which are withered. Now I know you’re perfect. Nothing withered in you. You got it all figured out. God bless you. But I don’t. I don’t.

“I suppose that’s why I like the church. Because at least implicit in our gathering is we’re saying that I have some deficiencies. And I’m seeking after the physician. That’s what’s cool about church. Still is. What other place is like that? That we can present to this loving God in the face of Jesus Christ those parts of us which are withered. And over time and in fellowship with one another through the genius of singing and sacraments and service those things which are in part become more full.

“That’s good news in here today. The good news is that God is real. God is able. God is good. And God is generous. God shows it today in miraculous ways by creating a space for you and I to say yes, again. I double dog dare you to give yourself away today. To claim as your first identity ‘You know who I am, You know what I am. I am the servant of the Lord.’ And then present those things that are withered in you to God certain of His loving mercy and His healing power. Thanks be to God. Thanks be to you. Thanks for this space. And the grace here. Amen.”

~ Excerpt from Bishop Wright’s sermon

Ulrey said Diocesan confirmation services are held several times a year. In March 2024 more than 80 people were confirmed, received from other Christian traditions, or reaffirmed their confirmations. The next Diocesan confirmation is scheduled for Dec 8, 2024, at 4 p.m. at the Cathedral.

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