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Power-House: Bishop Wright’s Pentecost Sermon 2024

May 20, 2024

“…People come to church for lots of reasons. Why are you here? But when you stop and think about it upstream of all those reasons, we’re here because there’s power in this house. Power to gather, power to sing, power to share, power to recover, power to live with integrity, power to strive for justice, power to overcome selfishness, power to apologize, power to forgive, power to serve. Pay close attention to the story here. As the house is infused with God’s power, a crowd begins to form outside. The power flows from the house to the street. The power that gets stirred up here is for the powerless and the outpowered out there. Our privilege? To be the billboard for God’s power!…”

– Excerpt from Bishop Wright’s Pentecost sermon at All Saints’ Atlanta.