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The Go Guide

The Go Guide: 10 Steps for Innovations in Ministry from Luke 10

How can twenty-first century Christians engage the world as Jesus did? What does it look like to be the Church in the world? Who are we as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement? Where is it the Church should go and how and with and to whom? And why?

Bishop Robert C. Wright and Missioner Donna S. Mote address these and other questions in The Go Guide, an examination of ten principles for innovations in ministry drawn from the Gospel of Luke Chapter 10. This is a guide for missional activity in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta as we challenge ourselves and the world to love like Jesus as we worship joyfully, serve compassionately, and grow spiritually.

Learn where to purchase the book and how to view videos by Bishop Wright and Missioner Donna Mote and others. The Go Guide Book & Road Show.