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Ministry Innovations

“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth; do you not perceive it?”  Isaiah 43:19

What does Ministry Innovations Task Force do?

  • helps cultivate new ideas and new ways of doing ministry in a congregation
  • creates a community of faith in a space outside the church
  • listens & tells parish stories
  • provides seed money

Ministry Innovations History

In 2012, the Diocese conceived a new ministry enterprise. Parishes were asked to imagine new ways of doing ministry.

Grants were issued to:

  • Canterbury House, Macon
  • First Step, Columbus
  • Theology from the Margins, Atlanta
  • Freedom School, Macon
  • Capacitrons Ministries, Rio de Janeiro
  • Hannah Project, Atlanta
  • Various Ministries in Cuba

A New Perspective of Innovative Ministry


  • working with the Office of Congregational Vitality to support parishes doing new ministries
  • collaborating with groups or individuals who have new and   innovative ideas for ministry
  • creating opportunities for parishes/worshipping communities to expand their presence in their environs by funding innovative partnering projects


If you, or your parish, are IMAGINING a new thing, let us imagine with you.

Contact Ministry Innovations Task Force:

Ginny Heckel, Convener –

Members: Beth King, Harry Groce, Janet Tidwell, Winston Arthur