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Ministry Innovations

“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth; do you not perceive it?”  Isaiah 43:19

What does Ministry Innovations Task Force do?

  • helps cultivate new ideas and new ways of doing ministry in a congregation
  • creates a community of faith in a space outside the church
  • listens & tells parish stories
  • provides seed money

Ministry Innovations History

In 2012, the Diocese conceived a new ministry enterprise. Parishes were asked to imagine new ways of doing ministry.

Grants were issued to:

  • Canterbury House, Macon
  • First Step, Columbus
  • Theology from the Margins, Atlanta
  • Freedom School, Macon
  • Capacitrons Ministries, Rio de Janeiro
  • Hannah Project, Atlanta
  • Various Ministries in Cuba
  • The Go Guide & Go Summit, Diocese of Atlanta
  • Imagine Worship, Diocese of Atlanta
  • A New Hispanic Ministry, St. Augustine’s, Morrow

A New Perspective of Innovative Ministry


  • working with the Office of Congregational Vitality to support parishes doing new ministries
  • collaborating with groups or individuals who have new and   innovative ideas for ministry
  • creating opportunities for parishes/worshipping communities to expand their presence in their environs by funding innovative partnering projects


If you, or your parish, are IMAGINING a new thing, let us imagine with you.

Contact Ministry Innovations Task Force:

Ginny Heckel, Convener –

Members: Beth King, Harry Groce, Janet Tidwell, Winston Arthur

The Latest News

Diocese Innovations Taskforce Evolves

By Don Plummer
Mar 15, 2023

In the Diocese of Atlanta, ministry innovations are being identified, encouraged, and amplified in a new way.

The Diocesan Ministry Innovations Task Force is tightening its focus to helping parishes perceive and imagine new opportunities for ministries within the parish and its surrounding community, said Task Force Convener Ginny Heckel.

Nord Keyboard

Parishes Get Tips on Becoming Essential Members of Their Communities

By Don Plummer
June 21, 2023

Creators of five innovative programs in The Diocese of Atlanta shared the ins and outs and surprises they experienced when putting their out-of-the-box ideas into practice at a recent workshop.

Ministry Innovations Workshop