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Clergy Licensing

The Bishop accepts Letters Dimissory only for clergy called to full-time ecclesiastical employment in the Diocese of Atlanta. Other clergy desiring, or requesting, to serve within the Diocese of Atlanta must be licensed. A License to Officiate is granted by the Bishop when all of the following requirements are met and documentation provided:

  1. A letter from the Bishop or ecclesiastical authority of the applicant’s canonical residence, stating the cleric is in good standing.
  2. A background check. As currently required, the cost of this is approximately $150, which will be paid by the applicant.
  3. Sufficient evidence on diocesan letterhead and diocesan signature that the applicant has completed training in Safe Guarding God’s Children (or equivalent) and Safeguarding God’s People, and sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and anti-racism training in the church. License will not be issued unless the Safeguarding Trainings are up-to-date.
  4. An Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) portfolio.
  5. A personal résumé of the applicant’s composition.
  6. All current contact information, including phone, mail and email.
  7. Copy of the last annual report to the Bishop of canonical residence.
  8. To maintain a license to officiate, clergy must adhere to the licensing requirements and contact the bishop’s office within 30 days of the license expiration.

Request a License to Officiate online.

Licensed clergy are welcome and are encouraged to participate fully in its life of the Diocese of Atlanta. In addition, licensed clergy are required to make an annual report to the Bishop and to request licensing for the next calendar year, if that is their desire. If no report or request for licensing is received, they will be removed from the list of licensed clergy and must reapply to be reinstated.

Licensed clergy are reminded that they are to make an annual report to the Bishop of the Diocese in which they are canonically resident.

File a Report of Licensed Clergy annually.

Licensed clergy serving in congregations are expected to register for Diocesan Council. Although diocesan canons do not provide such licensed clergy a vote at Council, it is customary to grant them seat and voice when the Council organizes for business. Only those clergy who are canonically resident in the Diocese of Atlanta may vote; other clergy have a vote in the Diocese in which they are canonically resident.