Theology Classes for Latino Lay Leaders

A new center for theological education responds to “a pressing need” for informed lay leaders in Diocese of Atlanta’s Hispanic worshiping communities, says the Rev. Isaías Rodríguez, diocesan canon for Hispanic ministries.Morning and afternoon classes are now offered one Saturday per month through the new Centro de Educación Teológica para Latinos (CETLA), the Theological Education Center for Latinos.

With more than 30 people enrolled, the course was introduced in 2014 in a classroom at the Cathedral of St. Philip. Instruction covers an array of topics from Anglicanism and the Book of Common Prayer to the Bible and systematic theology.

“This is for people from our Hispanic communities who want to deepen their faith as well as engage in ministry in the Episcopal Church,” said Rodríguez. Instruction supports lay readers, eucharistic ministers, vestry members and ushers. And it will serve as a foundation for future deacons and priests.

Rodriguez coordinates a team of seven clerics to serve as instructors. They are deacons Nora Cruz-Díaz and Juan Sandoval, and priests Ricardo Bailey, Ramón Betances, Antonio Brito, Napoleón Brito and Fabio Sotelo.

For more information about CETLA, which offers classes September through May, contact Canon Rodríguez (irodriguez@episcopalatlanta.org) or Deacon Sandoval (elsapifico@gmail.com).