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Canon 9 – Of the Board of Governors of Appleton Episcopal Ministries

Section 1.

Appleton Episcopal Ministries of the Diocese of Atlanta shall be under the direction and control of a Board to be known as the Board of Governors of Appleton Episcopal Ministries . Appleton Episcopal Ministries shall be a ministry of the Macon Convocation and the Diocese of Atlanta. The purpose of Appleton Episcopal Ministries is to share God’s love by promoting health, education, and safety of underserved children and families in central Georgia.

Section 2.

The Board of Governors shall consist of the following:
(a).  The diocesan Bishop, The Bishop Coadjutor, the Bishop Suffragan, Assistant Bishop, or the Bishop’s representative shall be a member of the Board, having voice, but not vote; and
(b).    One representative from each parish of the Macon Convocation, no more than three of whom shall be clerics selected by the Macon Convocation’s Clericus.

Section 3.

All members of the Board shall have a term of three years, and shall be eligible for successive terms.  No member shall serve more than two successive terms.

Section 4.

Vacancies occurring on the Board may be filled for the unexpired term by the Board with the approval of the Ecclesiastical authority of the Diocese.

Section 5.

The Board of Governors shall have the authority to adopt by-laws and organize itself in whatever manner it deems desirable for the efficient and effective conduct of this ministry consistent with the canons and constitution of the Diocese.

Section 6.

The Board of Governors shall hold at least four meetings each year, one in each calendar quarter, and at such other times as deemed necessary by the Bishop and/or the Chair.

Section 7.

The person who chairs the Board shall be appointed by the Bishop from among the Board’s membership, and shall be responsible to see that report is made to the Annual Diocesan Council accounting for the stewardship and effective conduct of this ministry.