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Canon 7 – Of Deputies to the General Convention

Section 1. 

Council shall elect, no later than twelve months before the opening date of General Convention, four (4) clerics, Presbyters or Deacons, canonically resident in the Diocese and four (4) lay persons, communicants of this Church, in good standing in the Diocese, but not necessarily domiciled in the Diocese, as its Deputies to the General Convention next following. An equal number of like qualified Alternate Deputies shall be elected from each Order.

Section 2. 

Every Deputy to the General Convention, who may be unable to attend its sessions, shall as soon as the fact of such inability is ascertained, send a resignation as such Deputy to the Bishop, who shall, as soon as practicable, fill the vacancy by appointing one of the Alternates in the sequence in which they were chosen by the Council. The Alternates so appointed shall be of the same Order as the Deputy who resigned. If none of the Alternates so elected should accept such an appointment, the Bishop may appoint a Deputy of like qualifications as the Deputy who resigned. Should a vacancy occur during the session of the General Convention, the Deputies present from the Diocese may fill the vacancy by electing one qualified to hold the office.