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Canon 6 – Of Convocations

Section 1.

For administrative and other purposes, and especially for mission and extension work, the congregations and non-parochial clergy of the Diocese are organized into as many convocations as the Ecclesiastical Authority shall from time to time direct subject to the approval of the Executive Board or the Council. Changes in assignments may be made from time to time by the Ecclesiastical Authority subject to such approval. When changes and assignments are made, they shall be reported to the Deans of the Convocations involved, the congregations involved, and to the Secretary of the Council. The Secretary of the Council shall report the current Parish assignments in the Journal of the Council.

Section 2. 

The Ecclesiastical Authority shall appoint a resident cleric from each Convocation to be Dean of the Convocation.

Section 3. 

Each Dean of Convocation shall be generally responsible to the Ecclesiastical Authority and to the Department of Congregation Development for missionary and extension work in the area around the congregations in the Convocation not otherwise being served by a congregation of the Diocese. Deans shall have such other specific duties as the Ecclesiastical Authority may direct.

Section 4.

Each Convocation shall meet at least one time a year and at other times deemed necessary by the Dean or by the Ecclesiastical Authority. All clergy canonically resident in or assigned to a Convocation shall be entitled to seat and vote. Lay representation shall be the duly elected Delegates and Alternate Delegates to Council from each Parish and Aided Parish of the Convocation and such other representatives as the Convocation shall determine.