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Canon 5 – Of the Executive Board of the Diocese

Section 1.

(a). The Executive Board (hereinafter to be called The Board) shall be composed of

(1). the Bishop, the Bishop Coadjutor if there be one, the Suffragan Bishop if there is one, and

(2). one cleric and one lay person from each of the Convocations. Each member is to be elected as provided in paragraph (b) of this Section. The Board shall promptly fill vacancies in its elected membership from persons canonically resident in the Convocation in which the vacancy occurred. The Bishop may appoint not more than four additional members to the Board with seat, voice, and vote, each of whom shall be a cleric or a lay person canonically resident in the Diocese.

(b). The clerical and lay members of the Board from the Convocation shall be elected in the following manner: Each year prior to the annual meeting of the Council, or at some convenient time during the meeting of the Council, each Convocation with representation according to Canon 6, Section 4, shall meet and elect one cleric or one lay person from the respective Convocation for a two-year term to the Executive Board. Terms shall be for a period of two years. Tenure of any member of the Board shall be restricted to two consecutive terms, after which a member shall be ineligible for re-election or re-appointment until after the lapse of one year.

(c). Immediately upon the creation of a new Convocation of the Diocese, such Convocation shall elect a cleric to the Board for a one (1) year term and a lay person to the Board for a two (2) year term. Thereafter, as these terms expire, all such elections shall be for two (2) year terms.

(d). Should a Convocation cease to exist for any reason, or be merged into another Convocation, the term of any members elected by that Convocation to the Board shall immediately expire.

Section 2.

There shall be an Executive Committee, of which the Bishop of the Diocese shall be Chairperson (in the absence of the Bishop, the Bishop Coadjutor, if there be one, shall serve as Chairperson or in the Bishop’s absence, the Suffragan Bishop, if there be one, shall serve as Chairperson), together with three clerics and three lay persons elected by the Executive Board from its own elected membership, provided that at least two of the six persons be from the Convocations outside the Atlanta District. This Executive Committee shall act for the Executive Board between meetings, consistent with the policies of the Executive Board and the Diocesan Council, in regard to program, and the Executive Committee, together with the Bishop, shall ex-officio constitute the Board of Officers of the Corporation.

Section 3. 

The Bishop and the Executive Board may establish operating components of its organization with such titles as Divisions, Commissions, Committees, etc., and they may change them from time to time as they may deem expedient. The Bishop, the Bishop Coadjutor, if there be one, and the Suffragan Bishop, if there be one, shall be ex-officio members of all such operating components.

Section 4. 

The Bishop shall appoint, with consent of the Executive Board, a chairperson for each department of the Executive Board, such chairperson not necessarily to be from the membership of the Executive Board. If not members of the Executive Board, they shall have seat and voice but no vote on the Executive Board.