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Canon 40 – Of the Cathedral of St. Philip

Section 1. 

The Cathedral of St. Philip in the City of Atlanta, is hereby continued as the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Atlanta under the name of “The Cathedral of St. Philip in the Diocese of Atlanta,”

(a). to afford the Diocesan a place where of right the Diocesan may at any and all times administer the duties pertaining to such office; and may officiate at will, in preaching or in any public administration and for said purposes may appoint services to be used,

(b). to be the center of Diocesan Unity and administration, and

(c). to be the center of Church Extension — educational, social and eleemosynary.

Section 2. 

The local governing body of said Cathedral shall be known as the Cathedral Chapter and shall consist of not fewer than three nor more than twenty-one (21) confirmed Communicants who are qualified for the office of Vestry Member as hereinafter set forth, elected by the Parish for a term of three (3) years. A communicant shall not be eligible to be elected to a successive term on said Chapter or to succeed any other member thereofwhose term expires at the same time, except for a member who has served less than one-half (1/2) of a full term who shall be eligible for re-election, but all members of said Chapter shall continue to serve until their respective successors are elected and qualify. A newly elected member of the Chapter shall take office in similar manner as Vestry Members take office under these Canons. Any vacancy on the Chapter shall be filled by election by the remaining members of said Chapter for any remaining portion of the unexpired term. The Senior Warden of said Cathedral shall be appointed by the Dean thereof and the Junior Warden of said Cathedral shall be elected by the congregation thereof, both from among the members of said Chapter and each to serve for a term of one (1) calendar year and until a successor is elected and qualifies. Said Chapter and said Wardens shall be invested with all the rights and charged with all the duties with which Vestries and Wardens are invested and charged by the Canons of the Diocese except as may be provided by the Council of the Diocese or by its authority.

Section 3. 

The Dean of the Cathedral, elected by the Cathedral Chapter on the nomination of the Bishop, shall be the presiding officer of the Cathedral Chapter; and shall have all the powers and privileges usually enjoyed by the Rector of a Parish and shall likewise be charged with like duties, except as the same may otherwise be provided by the Diocesan Council or by its authority.

Section 4. 

The Bishop of the Diocese shall be the chief minister in charge of the Cathedral with the power to prescribe the uses thereof in conformity with the Book of Common Prayer and with the Constitution and Canons of the Church, Diocesan and General.

Section 5. 

The Delegates to the Annual Council of the Diocese from said Church shall be elected in the same manner as representatives of Parishes are elected unless otherwise provided by the Diocesan Council or its authority.