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Canon 37 – Of the Transfer of Communicants

Section 1. 

Whenever any Rector or Vicar shall receive a member without the certificate of membership provided by the National Canons, it shall be such Rector’s or Vicar’s duty to require such member to procure such certificate from the last parish without delay or request such certificate from that member’s previous Parish. Until the reception of such certificate or other satisfactory evidence, no Rector or Vicar shall enter the name of a member from another Parish upon the register, nor shall any Rector or Vicar retain upon the register the name of any member whose certificate of membership shall have been acknowledged by the authorities of the Parish or Congregation of this or another church to which such transfer shall have been made.

Section 2.

Should a member’s previous Parish or Congregation fail to respond to such request upon reasonable notification, the Rector or Vicar may, upon such evidence as is sufficient in such Rector’s or Vicar’s judgment, enter the name of a member upon the register thereby entitling such person to all rights, duties and privileges of membership noting, however, the failure to receive such certificate.

Section 3. 

Upon receipt of such certificate, the Rector or Vicar shall cause the name of the member to be entered upon the register. It shall further be the duty of a Rector or Vicar to issue such certificates for members moving from the Parish or Aided Parish.

Section 4. 

Worshipping communities authorized by the Bishop under the provisions of these Canons shall establish registers and exchange certificates with other congregations. If such a community is dissolved or discontinued, all members on the register are to be issued certificates of membership in order that they may be transferred to extant congregations of the Church.

Section 5. 

The provisions of this Canon apply to any communicant of any Church in communion with this Church so far as it can be made applicable.