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Canon 36 – Of Parochial Reports

Section 1. 

The Rector, or Vicar, and Wardens of every Parish or aided Parish, or, if there be no Rector or Vicar, the Wardens shall make written reports annually to the Bishop of its spiritual and temporal conditions in such form as may be directed by the Bishop or the Council in blanks furnished by the Secretary of the Council not later than the first day of January each year; which reports shall be sent to the Bishop not later than the fifteenth day of January each year. The Rector, or Vicar, shall make out the report of matters pertaining to such Rector’s or Vicar’s functions. And if there be in any Parish or Aided Parish in addition to the Treasurer thereof, any other Treasurer or Treasurers handling monies of which a report is called for in the report blanks furnished by the Secretary of the Council, it shall be the duty of the Rector or Vicar to secure reports of receipts and expenditures from each such Treasurer, and then it shall be the duty of the Wardens or the Vestry to appoint some one to consolidate all such reports into the one financial report of the Parish or Aided Parish.

Upon failure of a Rector, Vicar or Wardens to substantially comply with this Section, the Bishop may take such disciplinary action as is deemed appropriate against such Rector, Vicar or Wardens, including withholding any financial support of the Diocese to a delinquent Aided Parish.

Section 2. 

It shall be the duty of every cleric in charge of any Parish or Aided Parish in the Diocese, on termination of such charge

(a). to prepare a report of all official acts and services held in the Parish or Aided Parish from the date of such cleric’s last report to and including the date of the cessation of such cleric’s pastoral charge, one copy to be delivered to the Clerk of the Vestry of the Parish or Aided Parish and one copy to be delivered to the Cleric who succeeds,

(b). to make out a complete list of the names and addresses of all persons in the Parish or Aided Parish showing their connection with the Church as Baptized, Communicants, Confirmed Communicants in Good Standing, or Adults and to record this in the Parish Register; and if space is not there provided, to make out the list and leave it with the Senior Warden or Clerk of the Vestry or Aided Parish who shall deliver it to the successor.

Section 3.

A supplement to the Parochial Report, on a form approved by the Bishop, shall be mailed to the Diocesan Treasurer not later than the l5th of January of each year.