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Canon 34 – Of the Change of Status of Parishes

Section 1.

(a). The Bishop, upon determining that a Parish or Aided Parish has not met the basic requirements of Section 1, Canon 30, shall report the facts to the Council assembling next thereafter together with recommendations.

(b). The Bishop, upon making a determination under Section l.(a). of this canon, shall advise the Rector or Vicar and Vestry of the Parish or Aided Parish of that fact in writing. The Vestry may appeal the determination of the Bishop to the Standing Committee of the Diocese. The Standing Committee shall consult with the Bishop and with any other persons from whom it desires to receive information and shall act as a Council of Advice to the Bishop in the matter before the Bishop makes recommendation to the Diocesan Council.

Section 2. 

The Council acts on the Bishop’s recommendation, by Orders.