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Canon 22 – Of Trust Funds

Section 1.

The assets now on hand or to accumulate in the fund now known as the Infirm and Disabled Clergy Fund shall be vested in the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, Inc., a Corporation with full power to appoint an agent. Same shall be held by said Corporation, or by an agent to be appointed by it, in trust for age or infirmity, for the discharge of their clerical functions; and the same shall be administered under the authority of said Corporation, or its agent, and they shall have the power to invest the funds and to reinvest the same, and to change the investments and to make sales of any of the assets of said fund, without order of court, at public or private sale, but said Corporation shall not be relieved in any way from its responsibility hereunder by reason of the appointment of an agent, and an agent, when appointed, shall make investment only as directed by the Corporation.

Section 2.

All other trust funds held for the use of the Diocese or any of its purposes shall likewise be vested in the said Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta, Inc., a Corporation, with the same powers; provided that nothing herein shall confilct with an instrument creating any trust.

Section 3.

Any such trust funds held for the use of the Diocese or any of its purposes may be invested in a common fund, provided that accurate records be kept as to each such trust fund and its respective percentage or share interests in said common fund and the income therefrom, and provided further that nothing herein contained shall conflict with any instrument creating any trust.