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Canon 11 – Of Church Construction

Section 1.

There shall be a Commission on Church Architecture and Church Construction appointed annually by the Bishop.

Section 2.

The governing body of any Parish or Aided Parish or diocesan-owned property shall not erect a new building, or make structural alterations or additions requiring a building permit to any present building on its Church property without first securing the advice of the Commission for such proposed construction. The governing body of any Parish or Aided Parish or diocesan-owned property desiring such construction shall submit, under rules and regulations promulgated by the Commission and approved by the Bishop, the following:

(a) Intention to Initiate;
(b) Schematic Drawings and Specifications;
(c) Design Development Drawings and Specifications; and
(d) Such other Plans as shall be required by the Commission.

Section 3.

After each submission, the Commission will, within thirty (30) days, meet with such Rector, Vicar, Wardens and Vestry as it deems appropriate. If the Commission does not within sixty (60) days after such submission offer its advice, then such submissions shall be taken as approved by the Commission.

Section 4.

Following construction, as-built drawings and specifications shall be furnished to the Diocese as soon as practicable.

Section 5.

Should any dispute arise as to the application of this Canon, such dispute shall be referred to the Bishop for resolution.