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9 Things You Can Do to Heal the Nation

We’ve had an awfully difficult year as a nation and the year ahead promises to be one of lots of work, especially the work of healing. We’ve put together a list of 9 things that we can do, beginning today, that will heal our nation. Remember, Jesus said, “blessed are the peacemakers.”

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  • Pray for the nation; pray for President Trump and for President-elect Biden.
  • Be kind in speech and actions especially with those with whom you disagree.
  • Grant Jesus’ request to “ pray for enemies and bless those that curse you.”
  • Use your social media platforms only for positive, non- aggressive, encouraging and constructive purposes.
  • Refuse to pass along information as truth that does not bear the marks of good scholarship and fairness.
  • Reflect on and relinquish your need to feel and behave as superior to other members of the American family.
  • Schedule a conversation with a family member or co-worker who sees the world differently and be curious rather than defensive or combative.
  • Accept responsibility for making the country and the world better, kinder, healthier, safer, cleaner and more just.
  • Commit for three years to an organization whose purpose is to bring equity to the American family.

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