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2020 Annual Council Nominees


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Standing Committee


Joy Yancy Jones | St. Paul’s in Atlanta
Roles at St. Paul’s Atlanta: Senior Warden; Junior Warden; Nominating Committee Chairperson; Diocesan Budget Committee; Lay Eucharistic Minister; Finance Committee member; Outreach Chairperson. Served on Emmaus House and Episcopal Charities boards. Professional background in Human Resources and management.

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The Rev’d Ben Day | Rector at Christ Church in Kennesaw
Ben is passionate about leadership, parish growth, and missional models that join God’s work already in progress.
Experience: Rector, Christ Church, Kennesaw; Member of Diocesan Executive Board; founding member of the Missional Leadership Cohort for Episcopal Clergy at Luther Seminary (St. Paul, MN); patron of the HeartEdge Movement In America, (founded at St. Martin in the Field, London.)
Other: Avid runner & reader. Loves hiking, being outdoors, and spending time with his 5-year old son.

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The Rev. Fabio Sotelo | Interim Priest and Missionary at St Edward’s in Lawrenceville, and Associate Priest at St. Bede’s in Atlanta
He serves our congregations in Spanish and English. His pastoral leadership is a gift to create diversity and unity in our congregations. He is a member of the board of Absalom Jones Center, a member of the Commission of Ministry, and a board member of the New Sanctuary Movement of Atlanta.

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Board of Governors, Mikell Camp and Conference Center

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Brian Cade | St. Bartholomew’s in Atlanta
Brian was raised in an Episcopal family (His grandfather, Rev. Tom Mustard, recently retired as an Episcopal priest). “My closest bonds between friends and family all formed at Camp Mikell.” said Brian. He attended the camp since elementary school and went on to volunteer over a dozen weeks to counsel while in high school and then worked on Summer Staff at Mikell all four summers while in college. “I’m ecstatic at the opportunity to get more involved.”

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Laura Lenaeus | St. Margaret’s in Carrollton
Laura is a lifelong Episcopalian, a longtime member of the Diocese of Atlanta, an EfM graduate, and a Mikell Summer Staff alum. She has served as Dean of Kid Camp since 2004 and is currently a member of the Campaign for Mikell committee. Since 1998, Laura has worked professionally in children’s and youth ministry in the Diocese, most recently as a consultant to St. Paul’s, Newnan.

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