An Introduction

Last year, we challenged ourselves to love like Jesus. This year, we’re taking the next step forward in this sacred mission by asking you to join us in challenging the world to love like Jesus.


Speak. Act. Grow.

Over the course of the year, we will speak up when we see injustice or suffering. We will act with courage, compassion and clarity. And we will grow empathy from the roots, until it flourishes all around us. To do this, we need you, your voice, your strength, your courage.

Check back here throughout the year as we rise, organize, catalyze, and strategize ways to protect the vulnerable, comfort the suffering, and challenge the world to love like Jesus did: Inconveniently. Rebelliously. Bravely. Exhaustively. Wholeheartedly. Relentlessly.

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Get Involved

Every day yields a new opportunity to expand the world’s capacity for love. Here are tangible ways for you to begin carving out your place within this calling, right here within our community. Speak loudly. Act boldly. Grow bravely.