Human Trafficking Awareness

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Stand Against Human Trafficking


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Human trafficking is modern-day slavery–It is the exploitation of children and adults for commercial sex and labor. It touches every corner of the globe, and the state of Georgia has one of the highest rates of human trafficking in the U.S.

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24/7 Confidential Hotlines

If you are being exploited, or know someone who might be, please use the following free hotlines:


National Human Trafficking Hotline
1 (888) 373-7888 (TTY: 711)
Text 233733

Georgia Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking 
1 (866) 363-4842 

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Resources and Trainings


We want to raise awareness about human trafficking, signs of its presence, and ways to combat it. The following is a compilation of resources from organizations working to eliminate human trafficking and dealing with its negative effects.


International Human Trafficking Institute (IHTI)

IHTI is an initiative of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Its mission is to leverage the collective efforts of private, public, educational, faith-based, and civic organizations to accelerate local, national and global movements to end the trafficking of persons. IHTI is a convener and conduit for research, advocacy, and resources to end sexual and labor exploitation in Metro-Atlanta, Georgia and beyond.


– Education resources for families and parents

– Trainings

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Street Grace

This faith-based organization based in Metro-Atlanta mobilizes community resources – financial, human, and material – to fight Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) through prevention/protection, policy and pursuit.


– Resources for families and parents

– Trainings

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Polaris Project

Named after the North Star, a historical symbol of freedom, Polaris works to reshape the systems that make sex and labor trafficking possible and profitable in North America.


– Recognizing the signs of human trafficking

– Myths, facts, statistics, and more

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The A21 Campaign

A global non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to fight human trafficking, including sexual exploitation & trafficking, forced slave labor, bonded labor, involuntary domestic servitude, and child soldiery.


– Resources for parents, educators, and students

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Hope For Justice

A global non-profit organization that aims to end human trafficking and modern slavery. It is active in the United Kingdom, United States, Cambodia, Norway, Ethiopia and Uganda.


– Spot the signs of human trafficking

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Submit Resources

Have other resources that should be included on this page? Please email them to communications@episcopalatlanta.org for review. 

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