COVID-19 Vaccination Resources

As cases of COVID-19 in Georgia continue to rise, parishes, schools, and ministries are reminded that CDC protocols and recommendations remain required, including the newest guidance from CDC on masking for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals indoors (including in K-12 schools). Parish leadership should encourage vaccination for all who are eligible.

We all have a role in stopping the increase in COVID-19 cases and protecting our communities.

Organizing a Temporary Vaccine Clinic at Your Parish

The Diocese has been in communication with an Atlanta-based medical laboratory specialized in COVID-19 testing called Lux Diagnostics. They have recently worked with Christ Church Norcross in organizing vaccine clinics. They have successfully vaccinated many members of their parish and community.

Vaccine events are free because it is covered by the CARES Act and insurance, and there is no administration fee as long as your location is within 2 hours of the Lux lab located at 3610 Dekalb Technology Pkwy Ste 155, Atlanta, GA 30340.

The Diocese’s contact at Lux is Heather Lynch, her number is 678-615-4491.

– A minimum number of 25 people must commit to being vaccinated in order to have an onsite vaccine event.

– Family, friends, local businesses and the community are always welcome to attend, it’s all your preference.

– When we schedule an event, we provide you with a personalized link for your employees to register and confirm they are committed to receiving the vaccine. It takes about 5-10 minutes to register on a smartphone or computer, and they’ll be prompted to upload a photo of their insurance card (if they’re insured) and their photo ID. People without insurance will be required to type in their SSN to be covered by the CARES Act. This registration not only tracks your numbers, but will make it faster for us to get everyone vaccinated the day of the event.

– We will provide you with a flyer, with a QR code that goes to your personalized link, as a marketing tool to send out periodically prior to your event.

– Vaccine events usually only take 1-2 hours to execute, and in the past, we have vaccinated 100 people in an hour.

– We have all 3 types of vaccine, but most people choose Pfizer to keep it streamlined. My leadership prefers for companies to choose either Moderna or Pfizer.

– We can come back to administer the second dose as long as 25 people register, but if that number isn’t met we can refer the few that have registered to our testing/vaccination sites.

– We will need an indoor space to vaccinate (a conference room, lobby, etc), and an observation area for after they receive their vaccine.

– Our medical staff must have access to Wifi and bathrooms to conduct operations.

– Organizations that schedule events last minute (under 2 weeks notice) may be asked to pay a flat fee of $250.

Other Resources

Episcopal Church Toolkit for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
This toolkit is designed as a compilation of ideas and educational resources to help your local Episcopal Church work with the government to help end this pandemic. Churches and church leaders (lay and ordained) can serve as important trusted bridges between public health officials and congregations.

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Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta Regathering Resources
Stay updated with the latest protocols and guidance from the Diocesan COVID-19 Task Force.

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If you have any questions please contact Don Plummer at